About Us

Nattel Technology Limited (hereinafter to be referred as “Nattel”) is an independent contractor company specializing on telecom, IT installation & service provider of all solutions on I.T. business since 2009. We have practical experience on operational supervision of a team to provide professional and efficient services ranging from implementation, installation and maintenance between the all industries.

With a background in the telecommunications industry, Nattel have been a premier authorized contractor of Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd. (HKBN) on Network Development and Enterprise Service (Installation and Maintenance) projects. Nattel was responsible for overseeing the all districts with the assistance of 20-30 professional field engineers. Duties involved include daily operation and inspection of the site, manpower arrangement, financial controlling and performance evaluation. 

Others, we were a premier authorized contractor of Network In-Building Development to Towngas Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (TGT) as well, it’s related the structure cable (Copper & Fiber) and equipment contribution from the building even the existing or construction In-building site.

Instead of focusing on one single business, Base the side of I.T industry, Nattel have co-operated with customer with solution provider, the infrastructure such as Mobile System (CA & PDD), Telephone System (PBX), CCTV System, Server Migration, implement of Data Room, Fiber Solution etc, we were provided the all in one solution to customer.

Comprehensive experience in managing a group of engineers and a company made us uniquely qualified to serve any needs companies may have. There is certainly a big difference between the industry of telecommunications and information technology, nevertheless growth was apparent that Nattel is capable to assure the provision of excellent service standard. While now strategies for a company are not only to remain standing but can actually expand and grow by capturing new opportunities for profits.